It’s been too long…

Being put in this show was so stressful for me in the beginning, but after being on stage again was the most amazing feeling.I love the idea of being M’lynn because she is such a different character from what i usually play in most circumstances I usually play a comedic role. It’s fun to be diverse, to see what i can do. I like it alot… but, its also been too long since the last time I was on stage. So going from not being on stage for about 6 months to hitting a major role, very nerve racking, very different, very unreal. =D


.. ohh those damned lines…


<3 Rabekah Ragsdale

Cast Change for “Steel”

No drama in the theatre can ever go without some drama.  Regrettably, Destiny (M’Lynn) had to drop due to health reasons.  We know it was an extremely difficult decision for her and we are so glad to have worked with her.  Destiny: we look forward to your next VFT endeavor.

So, welcome Bekah Ragsdale to the cast.  With one week to catch up, the cast is bonding together to make sure everything goes smoothly.  And as we all know, the show must go on.  And with VFT, it will.

So, buy your tickets (New London Theatre is nice enough to process our tickets for us), tell your friends, and get ready for this awesome show!